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In its 14th year of existence, i•Rewards™ is pleased to be the system of choice for the Montana gaming market.  We offer a turn-key Player Rewards and Gaming Management solution with a proven track record of consistent, cutting edge innovations, outstanding customer service and support, and a staff who’s knowledge of the gaming industry is unsurpassed.

The first installation of i•Rewards™, then known as i•Track, occurred in 2000.  The i•Track system rose to market dominance during the next eight years by continuously evolving to meet the needs of its users.  In response to user suggestions and emerging technologies, the i•Track system underwent a series of fundamental changes in 2008 and was renamed as i•Rewards™.  These changes included implementation of a more robust hardware platform, integration of a remote display with player interactive promotional games, and substantial software enhancements that elevated the system to a full-fledged Gaming Management tool while maintaining the player rewards foundation upon which it was built.

2012 heralds another fundamental leap in technology and enhancements associated with our product.  Titled Operator’s Advantage, the next evolution in Player Rewards & Gaming Management leverages real-time communication between Video Gaming Machines and the i•Rewards™ platform to provide owners and managers with the necessary tools to thrive in today’s challenging economic environment.

Using the industry-standard SAS (slot accounting system) protocol, i•Rewards™ Operator’s Advantage integrates the i•Rewards™ platform directly with Video Gaming Machines.  In addition, a two-pocket currency counter and a Secure Pay™ cash dispensing safe can be added for additional security and cash control.

The benefits provided by closing the cash flow communication loop are numerous and vital in today’s operating environment.  Confirm each Video Gaming Machines drop and auto-post it to i•Rewards.  Validate all Video Gaming Machine and i•Rewards™ cash-outs, eliminating the risk of fraudulent tickets.  Reduce theft exposure through automated payouts from a secure safe.  Monitor access to Video Gaming Machine cash boxes.  Review location activity (In, Paid, and Net) per machine for the last 24 hours and last seven days.  Review location results as a whole for the last 24 hours, the last seven days, or longer.

The i•Rewards™ development team invites you to explore these and other benefits of i•Rewards™ through this web site, by contacting us directly, or through a live demonstration.

We’d also like to thank our existing customers for your continued patronage and support.  We invite you to explore the Serving You page to review Software Upgrade Memos, search our Frequently Asked Questions database, and get sneak peeks at pending software changes.  This page is password secured.  If you haven’t requested a password, please contact us.  We’ll be happy to provide you with one!